Eltecna AG

About us

Engineering from A to Z
We provide to you our experience of 60 years in engineering and construction of industrial plants. You might expect: Comprehensive consulting, planning and engineering, detailed offers, sales records and contracts, systematic project execution, assembly and commissioning. Adherence to safety regulations, site acceptance tests of new plants and reliable customer service (maintenance and replacement parts) are inherent parts of our service.

Design Principle
We build high quality plants, which are close to the market and tailored to the customer’s needs. Furthermore, we reveal solutions based on our principle of longevity, high quality and consequent low cost operating to our customer.

We follow strict quality standards.

Our employees carry their responsibility, motivated by discretionary competence and new challenges.

We protect the environment and live by the principle of energy efficiency. Our project and plants satisfy all regulations and contribute to a clean and healthy environment.

We are a partner of sécurité+santé. Our safety commissioner sets the standards, which are implemented by our employees.